Saturday, March 17, 2007

Faustian Bargain

We listened to Faust from the Met this morning/afternoon. Here in this little backwater town we can pulll in via computer the most gorgeous music ever heard. Ruth Ann Swenson broke our hearts as the ill-fated Marguerite.

The Patient has had a couple of not-so-good days. He has been very tired, unable to eat much, generally lethargic. And, I would venture, just a tad depressed. He has spent much time napping (good) and playing chess on the internet (also good). He wanted me to make a "soupy" bread pudding, which I did, and he ate about half of it (very good). But his energy is at a very low ebb. The doc told us this would happen; some days will be much better, some not so hot.

Tomorrow is another day and there is much to look forward to. Like a brilliant sunrise and fresh squeezed orange juice. This is a treat reserved for Sunday morning (although I don't know why; juice oranges are about 20ยข a lb. so we could have it three times a day!). But sweet, sweet orange juice makes Sunday a day to worship the goodness of the Earth.


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