Monday, May 18, 2009

getting back into my other life

First I did several loads of laundry to wash out the Cuyutlán sand and grit. Clothes get a dingy shade of tan, no matter how much bleach I use. The water is just not very clean. Everything looks much better.

Next I got a massage. The cost is more than 10 times what I pay at the beach, but the reason I live at the beach is so I can afford to get massages here.

Then I had a pedicure. First in 6 months. I don't dare to let anyone not familiar with diabetic foot issues wield clippers on my feet. Brightly painted and nicely trimmed.

Then the Patient decided he just had to buy a new car. Vincent (the Van) is no longer with us. He was traded in on an as-yet-to-be-named Toyota van; Sienna again, same color, just a newer model. Good old Vincent had gotten us to Mexico and back 8 times and had 120K miles. But he was beginning to have a few aches and pains so it was decided he should be retired to be adopted by a new driver who, I hope, will love him as much as I did. I will miss him. This new guy (or gal) has waaay too many bells and whistles.

Today brought a trip to my local waxing emporium. I don't look quite so scary. It's much too hot in the valley to even contemplate garden work. It was 100º yesterday, but the weather prognosticators promise cooler weather beginning tonight. Yes, the Delta breezes are already up and it looks like better days ahead.

And tonight, my first movie in 6 months. I vaguely remember these interviews, shown on PBS, I think. I will rent the originals from the Flix®. This movie is a stunning recreation. And Frank Langella is brilliant. Next in my cue is "Milk." I believe in jumping right in to the thick of things.


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