Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunshine in a glass

This is the glory of the orange that greeted me this morning. It was every bit as tasty and sweet as it looks.

The Patient was better today. His throat was not as constricted and he had much more energy. He took it slow and easy and got through the day without collapsing for a long nap or nodding off while we were visiting with Jack. He ate well; tacito and beer followed by a big dish of bread pudding. That's my boy!

Just as I was putting dinner on the table (it's Sunday so it's tacitos from the goodie wagon in the jardin), we heard the familiar hissssss of the mosquito abatement truck rolling by. Yes, we do have mosquitoes in Cuyutlán, but they are at their busiest in November, December and January. Here it is, the middle of March, there is not a pesky pest in sight or sound, and the spray wagon is trolling up and down pumping it's poison in the evening air. The only explanation is that some bureaucrat in the neighboring town decided that since hordes will be descending on our little town over the Easter holiday -- two weeks of more than 5,000 people arriving, camping out, milling around, bringing their cars and their boom boxes; it's a nightmare -- the municipality best be sure visitors don't leave with dengue fever. So while we enjoyed a delicious dinner, listening to beautiful music, death was in the air.


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