Sunday, April 22, 2007

a night on the town

The Patient said yesterday that he wanted to go out to dinner tonight. This is a first. We have not been to a restaurant for dinner in 7 months. I agreed that this was an excellent idea. We went off to the Jacaranda in Armeria where the Patient wanted to get pizza. And he did. Meanwhile I tucked into a mulita, my favorite at this particular restaurant. It is akin to a cheeseburger, only it's not. It is two soft tortillas with grilled steak strips and cheese, regrilled on a comal so the cheese is melted. Along with this on your plate come refried beans, guacamole and a bit of shredded lettuce and tomatoes. You peel back the top tortilla, spread on some beans and guacamole, sprinkle on some salad, then press it all back together and there you have it, a little bit of Mexican heaven! The Patient, meanwhile, enjoyed his salami pizza and Negro Modelo beer.

It was a wonderful celebration of progress.


At 6:07 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Congrats to The Patient for his first restaurant visit. We sure take things for granted, don't we?


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