Saturday, April 14, 2007

disaster averted

When we returned from lunch at Dago's yesterday (a huge plate of gigantic shrimp) we discovered that we had lost internet connection. This had happened before and the problem had been various lines and cables that were twisted or kinked. But this time all seemed fine. Things get shut off occasionally so we thought no more of if and prepared to go to a party down in the colonia, thinking that all would resolve itself soon. However, when we picked up Marie we noticed that the porch light at the Nelson's was out, and they keep in on 24/7 when they're not here. I should explain that our internet connection is facilitated by the Nelson's subscription to the Telmex service. The fact that the light was out gave us a clue that perhaps they had lost power. Still no connection this morning. A little inspection revealed that their electricity had been cut off for non-payment of the electric bill! I called Fernando to ask him to check with the person who is their cuidar (caretaker). Yep, it turned out that in all the hustle and bustle of the Easter holiday he had neglected to pay the bill. What to do? We decided to jump in the car and tear off to Armeria to pay the bill, but since we didn't have last month's receipt in hand it might be a problem. Leave it to Fernando to come up with the solution.

When an electric bill is not paid, they do NOT give you a second notice nor do they send you a subsequent bill for two months. They come to your house, open up the meter box, put a chip between some wires that keeps the connections apart, close it up and put a yellow tag on the outside. What did Fernando do? He snipped open the link holding on the yellow tag, opened the meter, pulled out the chip, closed it all up, and Voila! The Nelson's light came on and we had power. That Fernando is a Jack of/Master of all trades. We'd be lost without him. And by the way, the cuidar has promised to pay up on Monday morning.

And just in the nick of time, too, as the Met was broadcasting "Turandot" and it was the one opera I didn't want to miss. Sublime. Puccini's last opera and some think his best.

Last night we attended a birthday party for one of our favorite "winter" people. This couple has a great party house on the beach. There were about 30 celebrants who enjoyed a lovely dinner, good wine, a bit of music. When we got home the disco was going but finally quit about 12:30, mainly due to lack of interest. Tonight is the "wet T-Shirt" contest, but it's so cold nobody will probably dare to come out. It's now 9 PM and nothing is stirring. God willing, the whole operation will definitely close down tomorrow and leave us all in peace for these last weeks.

What, you might ask, am I reading? Catching up on old New Yorkers. Perfect for a hammock.


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