Sunday, April 08, 2007

in a blue bowl

Living this close to the sea's edge is like floating in a blue bowl. When I look out to sea my eye travels "up" to the horizon and follows the line of the water on a gentle curve both south and north. Consequently it feels and looks to me as though I am in a Venetian-style town, floating around in a beautiful blue bowl, untethered to anything. This is very hard to explain and even harder to capture on film but perhaps you can see what I mean in the photo above, taken from our front balcony.

The Patient and I walked on the malecon this morning after a lovely Easter breakfast of orange juice and fresh scones, made by his very own hands. Things have gotten quiet in a hurry. Most campers have packed up and gone home. Cars have been leaving all day. I went to the disco and asked if it was going to be open tonight. The response: Esta la ultima noche. Great news. Then I asked if it was going to be open next week. The response: Creo que no. Even better news! There has not been enough traffic to keep them going, and this year there is another disco on the other side of town. As they say, this town ain't big enough . . .

Tomorrow starts our 6th week here. The time has gone so quickly. We'll probably pack up in another three weeks and head back to California. The Patient has shown such wonderful improvement; another three weeks will only bring him closer to full recovery. We are both very grateful that we have had this time to concentrate on getting him back in fighting trim.


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