Friday, April 06, 2007

Primero el oleada

My computer was down all day yesterday for unknown reasons. We surmise there was a kink in the wire somewhere up under the eaves. The Patient, an all-around handy guy to have on staff, fixed it last night. This morning all is well again.

The first wave of holiday-makers has arrived and the streets are clogged with cars, trucks, campers, vans. There will be many more day trippers trying to squeeze in as the days go on. Campers have set up housekeeping across the street and that little plot has turned into a mini-city with tents, cooking areas, and God knows what else. But everyone seems to be having a fine time.

On Wednesday night the Patient went out for a walk and reported to me yesterday morning that it wasn’t nearly as mobbed on the malecon or in town as he had thought. Again yesterday morning we strolled the beachfront to check out the stalls and people; streets are still passable, but barely. We found taleras at Baby’s, stopped by Dago’s puesto to let Fernando know we would be coming down for comeda at 1 PM and to get the fish cooking. Both he and Chouy are cooking so lunch will be muy sabroso! More on lunch later.

After dominoes Wednesdayh night I counted my winnings (!) and prepared to settle down for a quiet sleep. Indeed, aside from the sussing and pounding of the surf there was not a sound to be heard. Unlike at home where, as the Patient reported the disco roared on until 2:30 AM.

Thursday was another hot, clear day. The air was still, but there is always a cool breeze on our terrazzo thanks to some clever engineering by the builder and designer. No matter how hot it is our house is the coolest place to be.


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