Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wek on the Woad

One of our daughters, I think it was Alex, used this expression as a comment for any roadside disturbance. This afternoon we drove up to Colima to drop off friends at the Ceballos Hotel for their overnight before catching an early plane back to the US. What a lovely, old world place it is, too. High ceilings, wide hallways, lovely large rooms. Their corner room looked out on the central jardin across the street and onto the cathedral in the other direction. The Patient and I have often said we would like to go up to Colima for a couple of days, spend the nights in that hotel, take in the museums and other "kultural" offerings of the capital city. Maybe next year.

Anyway, on our way there was a BIG wek on the woad. It appeared to us that a doble remolque, a truck cab with two big trailers attached, had perhaps taken one of the curves too fast and the rear trailer came loose and oveturned. Meanwhile the cab with the front trailer careened off the road and plowed into the underbrush. The truck had been hauling Cal, a lye-based substance used in cement. Bags of this white powdery stuff were strewn all across the highway. Needless to say traffic was snarled and slowed almost to a stop. This happened some time before we got there as there were cops all over the place. On our way home we could see that everything was still snarled up, although the overturned second trailer had been hauled to the side of the road. Further down the road the police had set up a road block to warn drivers of what was ahead. They're probably still cleaning up.

The other thing we did, aside from ferrying departing Cuyutl√°n residents, was look for floor tiles. We want to redo the floors next year. The present tile is old, dark, and showing serious wear. It is a clay tile with a thin glaze that has become chipped and badly water stained over the years. We'll go back again when we have more time and energy and visit two or three more tile stores. We'll also drive over to Manzanillo to investigate a couple of tile emporia there. A trip there is always a good excuse for a lovely lunch somewhere along the waterfront.


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