Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Progress - 1: Charm - O

We went to Tecoman this morning so the Patient could get his hair cut and so I could pop into our favorite bakery and buy a piece of tres leches cake for him and a slice of flan for myself. A diabetic's dream dessert. Last I was in that town there was a charming shaded arcade between some low-rise commercial outlets and the big indoor market. I don't know what the city fathers envisioned when they ripped out the trees, paved over the tiled pedestrian lanes, set up cement "bunkers" down the middle for little tiendas selling jewelry, cell phones, CDs, etc., but it had nothing to do with making a pleasant, cool walkway for strolling. There used to be vendors selling aguas frescas, sandals, hammocks, flowers, ice cream. Now that's all gone and commerce is taking place in a setting that's so sterile all you want to do is hurry through, not stopping for anything.

We bought the paint for the exterior of the house for the repairs Fernando has finished. Well, it's not the right color. It's too pale, not "peachy" enough. Tomorrow I take it all back and ask them to remix it a shade darker. Then we'll try a little of that. The house is going to be several different shades by the time we're finished!


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