Monday, March 19, 2007

La Primavera

At this time of the year the Primavera trees all throughout this area burst in to brilliant yellow blooms. You can see them for miles around. I saw this one on a little side street as I was leaving the tiangues this morning. Their glory is short lived -- two weeks -- then they leaf out and it's over for another year. They are actually not very pretty trees; branches every which way, leaves skimpy. But this is their moment! The trees with pink blossoms come first; they were almost done when we got here two weeks ago.

The Patient is a bit better again today. He had a couple of long naps to regain his pep, and is able to swallow pretty well. Even though today is a holiday it has been quiet. Some daytrippers at the beach but they have all headed back where they came from and the town is once again ours.

Stuffed poblana peppers, roasted potatoes and cantaloup, along with a glass of some Mexican red, will come from la cocina for our evening's enjoyment.


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