Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bougainvillea everywhere

This is the time when all the bougainvillea bursts into full bloom, not that it doesn't bloom year round in some places, but here at the beach, this it the time. In our front patio we have this lovely yellow plant. It shares wall and vining space with a red one and a more salmon color. But the yellow is quite rare. I didn 't plant this; it was here when we bought the house and has continued to bloom beautifully every spring.

In the back garden, against the wall, are these other two colors; red and fuchsia. There is also melon-pink one I planted last year but it did not "summer over" very well and now has no blossoms. Perhaps it will revive itself after a big dose of Miracle Gro. Likewise the Surprisa is not looking too vigorous. It has one long, thick stalk that is loaded with white flowers. That has found its way through the decorative brick on top of the wall and is hanging out over the sidewalk for passers-by to admire. Inside? Nada. My plumbago is not looking too hot these days, either, but I trimmed it up yesterday and we'll see if it can recover a bit before we go.


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