Monday, April 02, 2007


There are certain foods that are indelibly connected with the cities and countries in which we eat them. In San Francisco it's all about crabs and sourdough bread. In New Orleans, it's cajun. France means croissants, Italy for me it's porccini mushrooms and radicchio, Spain is cava, Portugal is oranges and olives, Tunisia is lamb and dates, England is scones, cheese and ale. Here in Mexico, it's these four goodies: Indio beer, Takis snacks, avocado and mango. There are other things like salsa, tequila, splendid little seedless limes and luscious fried tortilla chips. But the first four, the main food group (alcohol, salt, oil and sweet) are the most important. On the nutritional pyramid these four are at the very bottom, the bedrock of good nutrition!

And speaking of nutrition, the Patient has been packing away the food like a starving man. We went to friends' delightful beach side casa for sundowners last night where he helped himself to much of the very delicious nibblies they offered; rich and spicy guacamole, baked brie with onions and garlic, and a killer artichoke/garlic hot hors d'oeuvre that is their household specialty. That and a couple of beers and he was set.

But nothing would do, since it was Sunday, but to go up to the jardin and buy a couple of platos of tacitos. We came home and each of us ate only one little tacito and a few beans and fell back in a swoon of sated bliss. Will finish them off for dinner tonight. Not only the leftovers from last night, but the apple pie the Patient whipped up yesterday. The filling is delicious, but the crust was not his best. But he is eating it and seems to enjoy it and that's what's important. I even bought him some vanilla ice cream to top it off. For some reason vanilla ice cream here tastes like coconut.

After tiangues today Marie and I went to the Jacaranda, a funky restaurant in Armeria. We try to go at least once a year after market for a beer and bean tacos. Heaven.

The bad news is that the disco is beginning to set up across the street. The workers have set up the light standards and the platforms for the HUGE speakers, usually about 12 of them. I will probably go out to the colonia to stay with friends at night while the Patient stays home and sleeps through the whole thing!


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Pica said...

Glad to hear about J's returning appetite, and impressed that he can sleep through that racket! (I know I couldn't.)


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