Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring in Davis

We haven't been in Davis for the glories of Spring for many years. Outside our bedroom we have a huge wisteria bower that is always fully leafed out by the time we get home. When we left in February the vines had tiny brown bumps along them that would eventually turn into clumps of gorgeous purple blossoms. But would we get to see them? No. But thanks to the wonders of technology and the skills of my neighbor Erin I have received a photo of the vines in bloom. We planted these beauties 17 years ago. The one on the right blooms first and is a deeper violet than the other. The right is more a purple-blue shade. At their peak they are alive with the hum of bumble bees doing their job of pollination while dining on luscious wisteria nectar.

More good news from the Davis garden. The Cape Honeysuckle that we thought had died from the heavy frosts we had in December and January seems to be coming back. You can see the tiny tender green shoots at the bottom of the shrub. If they have appeared on all of the plants we can probably salvage them. Rafa was about to tear it all out but it looks, from this photo, that there is some life left. We'll nurse them along over the summer and see if they will ever return to their full blazing beauty.

As for Spring in Cuyutl√°n, it is gorgeous; clear, sunny, warm with a light breeze. We ate breakfast out on the front balcony, enjoying our last Saturday of relative peace and quiet for two weeks. Things won't be this quiet again until after the 15th of April. We're stocking up on water and beer so we don't have to hassle with deliveries for a couple of weeks. Monday I'll lay in stores at tinagues so we won't have to go to the local super; it will be jammed. Half the population takes Spring break the week before Easter, the other half takes the week after, so things are mobbed for two weeks. But until then it is quiet and serene here at the beach.

Tomorrow begins hora de verano so we will "spring ahead" tonight and once again be two hours ahead of California. Mexico does everything at its own pace.


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