Saturday, April 07, 2007

For your Easter bonnet

I went into Armeria this morning to check on the flower situation. My favorite florist had just taken delivery of his weekend supplies. I came away with two 18-stem bunches of alstromeria, 1/2 dozen pink carnations, various fillers of the green or blooming kind, plus an "arrangement" to give to Chouy and Fernando. The tab? $120 pesos (about $11). Our friend Stan Singleton, owner of the Casa de las Flores B&B in Tlaquepaque says there are three things in Mexico that are sinfully cheap: juice oranges, taxis and flowers. I agree on all three.

Around one o'clock Marie and I walked down to Dago's for a mid-day beer and to check out the traffic on the malecon. Although there are lots of people milling around, and there are enough cars parked throughout the town to account for them, the mood is very mellow this year. There are usually lots of drunks wandering around, the usual number of "confrontations" with other holiday makers and drunks, the police, the puesto owners. However, this year there has been none of that. I have seen alot more families with little kids, always a pleasure to encounter. The streets begin to clear of day trippers around 6 PM. The disco went until about 3:30 this morning, but both the Patient and Jack said that during the final couple of hours (!) the volumn went down and the music was much more pleasant, as in not foul lyrics supported by thumping base and nothing else.

My friend Mary Ann has arrived safely in Florence on her long-anticipated Italian odyssey. She is also going to Rome and Venice. This is her maiden visit to Florence and, after 30 seconds, has fallen madly in love with all things Italian. It's only going to get worse as she explores all that wonderful stuff.

Today would have been my Mother's 92nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Virginia, wherever you are.


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