Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the Patient sends greetings

He made it to Ohio this morning without a hitch. When we fly (free) stand-by (compliments of daughter's employment at Delta) we never know if we're going to make the flights we're booked on until the very last minute. He got a nice big Business Class seat, a tasty breakfast, and the next he knew he was in Atlanta. From there it's an hour's flight to Columbus. He called from his sister's house to say that all was well. I'll be meeting him there next week.

As for me in my single state, tonight I'm going to see "Becoming Jane." Review tomorrow. Among the stellar cast are James Cromwell (loved him as the farmer in "Babe" but not so much as Philip in "The Queen") and Maggie Smith (loved her in everything; she has a delicious pinched boredom with the riff-raff). Nobody can do down-the-nose disdain better! First, however, dinner at Sophie's, a much-loved Thai restaurant. You can see I'm getting all my entertainment out of the way the first night. The rest of the time it's going to be catching up with movies from the Flix®.


At 8:56 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Ohio ~ can't wait to see the photos, I've never been there, although I might have driven through at some time, can't recall.


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