Monday, March 24, 2008

the death of disco

Gone but not forgotten. Disco has been dead in the US for what, 30 years? But alas, not here. They'll be back. But no more this year! We are all celebrating. The speakers are gone, the lights are gone, the light standards are gone, the control console is gone, the beer stand in the disco is gone. Last year they cranked up again on the Wednesday after Easter for four more days. We can only hope they lost their shirts and have decided that Cuyutlan isn't worth it.

I received these two photos from friend Shelia who took them at our
eclipse pizza party.

This is Fernando, his wife Chuy and daughter Rosie, getting the pizzas ready to bake in the big beehive oven.

I showed Chuy this photo this morning and asked her the word for "double chin". I think she said peplio but I'm not sure. I'll check again tomorrow. That word is not in my Oxford.

And here's our terrific Fernando with his pizza.

Smiling and cheerful as always. A truly good person and a pleasure to know.

If you can imagine it, one gets tired of mangoes and melons for dessert. So I took a leaf from the Pinch My Salt food blog and made the Orange Yogurt Bread for dessert. We get such wonderful oranges here, sweet and very juicy. Turned out to be quite nice. More of a pound cake than a "bread". And I'm letting Nicole and others do all the photographing.


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