Tuesday, March 04, 2008

what color are your walls?

Nows that the tiling is all done it's time to paint. I have been putting little swatches in the kitchen and living room, trying to find THE perfect combination that will go with wall tiles, floor tiles, other furnishings (sparse) plus take advantage of both the light and the view. I narrowed it down to these five choices.

I thought that swatches one and two were too mustard-y, too orange. Swatch three was too pinik. I finally decided on these two.

The top one is called ChihuahueƱo, the bottom Bronceado. No translation in my dictionary for the first; "bronze" for the second. I am planning to paint the walls the lighter colors; the built-in sofa, the built-in bookcase, and the stove hood the darker color. I think they go quite nicely together.

More progress on the window front today. Raul showed up about noon with the new sliders for downstairs, the sala screen door, the three high windows in the living room, the bathroom window, and the screen in the kitchen. What's left? The two new windows in the kitchen. MaƱana.

In the morning, Jaime is sending over one of his crew to sand down the raw cememt sides of the new kitchen corner table, the area around the new electrical outlet, the new kitchen windows' openings and one spot on the living room wall. Then we will be able to paint. This won't happen until after Easter since Fernando is working at Dago's puesto for the next 2 1/2 weeks.

Tomorrow at 5 PM I will get a long-anticipated massage from the local masseuse, Paty. One and a half hours for 200 pesos, or about $18. At that rate I can have her come every week. I'll report tomorrow evening, or perhaps Thursday morning?

Weather continues cold, windy and foggy. Sun finally peeked through about 4 PM. Not our usual beach.


At 10:11 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Sounds like a good time to paint ~ I love the colors you selected. Beautiful. Calm yet "spirited".


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