Monday, February 18, 2008

picture this, seƱora

Things are moving right along on Avenida San Blas. After tiangues this morning ~ strawberries, green beans, oranges and onions ~ we went up to Colima to pick up the tiles we had reserved. Then back home to turn them over to Jaime so he could finish the bathroom border.

This picture is taken from the floor looking up. It looks quite splendid and is a wonderful change from the old. Jaime has been doing this himself. He has done a masterful job.

Meanwhile over in the kitchen the maestro de azulejos, whose name, I discovered today is Everado, has begun to work on the walls. I am absolutely delighted with the results.

When he finishes up tomorrow I will take another photo that will show the whole thing. He has done a beautiful job.

In the living room we put a border of tiles along the bottom of the built-in sofa. We also have a built-in bookcase but the tiles just didn't fit. But with the sofa? Looks great.
The upstairs terrazzo is finished.

The next step is grouting; they'll wait to do that until all the upstairs wall tiling ~ kitchen and bathroom ~ is finished, then grout and move downstairs to begin laying floor tiles. Right now the floors are stripped of any covering.

Our friend John came and got all the tiles that were removed so he can tile his upstairs patio. Recycling at its best.


At 6:50 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Wowza, every room is prettier than the next and the whole many-tiled project is moving along at a rapid rate. Very exciting indeed.


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