Sunday, February 17, 2008

dangerous waters

Friends went out sailing on the lagoon today and this is the sign they encountered. The Cuyutl√°n lagoon is better known for the salt harvest than for man-eating predators. You never know what lurks beneath, do you?

A nice, relaxing day spent inspecting the house and it's face-lift. Young again. Tomorrow it's up to Colima to buy about 50 tiles. That should be it.

Some members of the Wednesday Night Ladies Domino Club met this afternoon for a rapid fire round. One of the players commented that she remembered the click-click-click of Mahjong tiles from her mother's games long ago. Yes, it's a nice sound.

Jaime and his crew have been hard at it for 8 days. I figure another week to 10 days and they'll be done. Now if we can get the window man to install the new sliders we can move back in and start enjoying everything. Our stay here is now half finished; we've been here 2 1/2 months. My, time surely does fly . . .


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