Friday, February 08, 2008

just add an "o"

Last night's dinner on the beach was just about perfect. The setting was one of the most reliable pleasures here ~ Dago's puesto at sunset. The company was, as usual, lively and congenial. The meal was superb; I had shrimp, the Patient had fish fillet sauteed in butter. Shelia had her first encounter with squid. It was a success. We managed to talk about politics, national and local, cultural quirks both norte and Mexican, food, family dynamics, economic issues especially in this town. All of this was done mostly in Spanish. My rule for this is to plunge right in, don't be shy, and to keep in mind that the worst thing they could possibly do to you if you use the wrong tense is laugh, but that is highly unlikely. My other rule is a universally understood linguistic one: just add an "o" and you'll probably get it right.

Meanwhile, back at the destruction derby, things are progressing apace. I think they will grout the 3rd floor tomorrow. The tiles are all down and it looks sensational.

In the kitchen, all walls and countertops have been de-tiled and the new corner table has been poured and it setting up. (Almost all construction is poured cement, including roofs. That, believe me, is a sight to see.)

In the bathroom, all fixtures have been removed and all tile chipped off the walls. It looks quite naked.

Tonight we are going to a party down in the colonia; dinner and dancing under the stars by the seashore. What better way to end a hectic work week?


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