Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

Today is my "baby" sister's birthday. This photograph is not my sister. It is instead Ruby, her granddaughter, aka The Cherry Princess, wearing the dress we sent her for Christmas. But the wish is definitely from me, the BIG sister. Happy Birthday, Vicky.

On the home front, Jaime came by early this morning to tell us that he would begin work on Thursday. I'm not yet certain exactly where he will start ~ kitchen, bath or 3rd level floors ~ but he WILL start. I still need to buy a few things: pegamento to cement the floor tiles and a different type for the walls; one of those little screen things that go into a bathroom basin so your diamond ring doesn't slide down the drain; ditto for the two shower floors; a new faucet for the kitchen; grout for the kitchen walls and countertops. It will be back to Tecoman on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, we are packing up to move over to Jack's on Wednesday afternoon.

This is not actually Jack's house. It's the interior courtyard of La Posada San Miguel, our hotel in Patzcuaro. But you get the idea.


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