Thursday, January 31, 2008

waiting for mr. garza

Our tile is to be delivered tomorrow, coming from Garza Azulejos in Manzanillo. We have stacked all the small tiles for kitchen walls and countertops, and for the bathroom, to one side against the downstairs garden wall. The rest of the area is for the floor tiles.

I expect that all of the available wall space plus the rest of the cement apron out to the lawn will be piled with boxes of tiles. I'll show you tomorrow.

A couple of days ago when I posted the recipe for focaccia I said I would put up a picture of a loaf that is cooked. The Patient requested more, more, more. I obeyed.

I made myself a luscious salami on focaccia sandwich. Worth the four hours it takes to prepare it (not the sandwich, the bread).

Last night was dominoes. I won. First time ever I've won two in a row. I must be getting better.


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