Friday, February 01, 2008

if their truck is empty . . .

. . . our back patio must be full. And indeed it is. Promptly at 10:30 this morning the Garza truck pulled up loaded with tiles, grout, and glass blocks.

Two delightful young men (one of whom looks like Rudolph Valentino, complete with plastered hair ~ gorgeous) jumped out and went directly to work. This is what they had to offload.

Our friend Roger had stopped by and was there when they arrived, without any wheeled equipment to help them. They were going to carry everything from the truck to the back. Roger tore home and 10 minutes later came back with two dollies. If he hadn't done that, they'd still be here. But two hours later they wheeled in the last load of the large tiles (44X44 CM) for the third floor. It was all very neatly arranged and stacked.

Here are my heroes.

Then they got back into their truck, empty now except for the flats, and drove off, leaving us with 30 bags of grout,

42 boxes of big tiles and I don't even know how many boxes of small tiles (30X30 CM) and 45 glass blocks for the new bathroom wall (in lieu of a shower curtain).

Now we wait. Jaime is on an annual pilgrimage to Talpa, a holy site in the mountains of Jalisco. He will return on Sunday. He may (or may not) begin work on Monday. More like Tuesday or Wednesday. However, I do anticipate he will start next week.

Now on a different subject. I watched the Democrats "debate" last night on CNN. The two candidates were more like hosts of an early morning show rather than rivals for the most powerful office in the country or even, some will say, in the world. All smiles. All warm feelings. Where was the "debate"? I have gone back and forth several times, now that my favorite has been long gone from the fray. I voted by absentee ballot, sent back about 10 days ago in the care of a returning visitor. At that time I had made up my mind. Then I changed it. But after last night's viewing, I have changed it again. But no matter which one gets the nod for the ticket, it will be an historic election, a choice between a woman and a black man. What a difference a couple of generations can make. The last time such a fuss was made was when the choice was between a Catholic and a really repulsive man who sweat too much and always needed a shave. Do I disclose too much of myself?


At 7:25 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

My god, what an undertaking with the re-mo. It's more extensive than I thought. I finally did vote for HRC because, because ~ I wanted to get my ballot in and was tired of my back and forthing. It's going to be such an exciting year!


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