Saturday, February 16, 2008

puccini hits a homer

I listened to the opera while contemplating Monday's drive up to Colima to buy, you guessed it, more tiles. It's a usual Puccini story: boy meets girls, boy loves girl, girl gets sick, girl dies, boy grieves. Gorgeous music, gorgeous voices.

As for the tiles, the Patient only calculated half of what is needed for the tile border in the bathroom. But this time I can get what's needed. After tiangues it's up to the rustico shop to buy more. We have hit on a solution to the lack of blancos for the kitchen; Jaime will use the large cream colored tiles for the bathroom walls and cut them to size. Same color, same material, same thickness. Should work just fine.

And now to bed. I'm reading Gail Godwin's "Evensong" and enjoying it greatly. I don't have to get up early in the morning and let the workers into the house. They work 5 1/2 days but Sundays they rest. Me, too.


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