Sunday, July 13, 2008

saturday night at the movies

I'm a "crime and punishment" sort of woman. I learned this about myself while in a "mystery" reading group. I get very annoyed when the perp walks. Last night I watched "The Walker" with Woody Harrelson plus a cast of great women ~ Kristen Scott Thomas, Lily Tomlin, Lauren Bacall, Mary Beth Hurt, plus Ned Beatty as Tomlin's husband. Woody plays a gay Southern interior decorator in Washington, D.C. who is a "walker", a professional escort for socialite women. He gets embroiled in a homicide. Not only is his role a stretch for the movie goer's imagination but the story is, too. It lost me because although the immediate perp is caught, the brains behind it is not. And we know who it is. I was left grumbling. There are also too many things that are left unexplained and that are, in fact, inexplicable. And I must say it was really hard to believe Woody. One star. If that.


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