Monday, June 23, 2008

the $50 drink

I has been about 6 weeks since I had to fill up the trusty Toyota Camray wagon. I decided that since the red light had been on for several days, today was the day to give the old girl a nice long drink. Running on fumes, I rolled into the CostCo gas station and 11.38 gallons later $50.67 was sucked out of my bank account. What's going on here? It's time to head back to Mexico where gas is $2.56 a gallon. Somebody's got to get this under control. Whom do you think that should be?

Picked up this movie at the library yesterday (free). Got through the first disk without any problem. Lots of action, lots of clever dialogue (Judi Dench, esp., as M). Then a brief pause while I went out to a lovely dinner with two friends. Back home for Disc 2. It won't play. I tried it on both the DVD player and the computer. Arrgghh! Now I have to go to the video store and find it. Can't wait for the Flix®. Gotta know what happens.


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