Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tony Snow

I don't usually write more than once a day, if that. But I want to get it on the record that I was a huge fan of Tony Snow. Although I did not agree with his politics, I found him to be a man of deep principles, commitment, humor, faith, and insight. I watched him on Fox News Sunday for years. I looked forward to seeing him, even in sound bites, as the Press Secretary. Besides that, he was easy on the eyes. Fifty-three is way too young to die.

The past 30 days have not been kind to the news industry. Four weeks ago Friday the left lost Tim Russert, although I don't know why the left thinks he belonged to them. Perhaps because he didn't rant and yell. Yesterday the right lost one of it's brightest stars. He didn't rant and yell either. He was just a fine journalist, an elegant writer, and seemed to be an all-around nice guy. Like Russert, he was well beloved by his colleagues. Politics aside, that respect and admiration is something the two men shared.


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