Thursday, August 28, 2008

99 shades of green

Welcome to Ohio!

It rained in the night so everything is lush, green, fragrant this morning. Gorgeous flowers everywhere. Lawns, fields, parks all velvety green. A nice change from the heat and brown of the Sacramento valley. Flight was good as far as Atlanta. Then a gate mix-up meant I missed my connecter to Columbus. I made the next flight and arrived at 7 PM. After a quick dinner I collapsed and slept until 8 AM. We are now at the Westerville library hitting on their WiFi. Tonight will be dinner with the Patient's niece and her spouse at their lovely home. Saturday morning we take off for Pittsburgh for the weekend with more family. Watched Bill deliver his usual magic last night; it's the speech HRC should have given. Couldn't stay awake long enough to hear Biden; I'll read about it instead.

More tomorrow.


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