Thursday, August 14, 2008

endless corridors

Last night Alex and I stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim. Our room was on the 8th floor amid a maze of 200 rooms that look exactly like it. We got off the elevator into far-reaching, dimly-lit corridors that stretched away on either side and in front and behind us. It was very unsettling. We walked and walked, kept checking the directional arrows, and finally arrived. I didn't want to go out again or fear of getting lost. Until this morning we never saw or heard another person on the floor; in fact, there was someone right next door but it was so quiet we didn't know. Now I remember why I don't like those gigantic places.

We checked out this morning and took off for the Bower's Museum. Unfortunately the museum police wouldn't allow me to take any photos indoors but I did take some of the setting. It's a lovely old hacienda that was given to the city of Anaheim for a museum in 1937. It has been added on to, of course, and the two wings are in complete contrast to one another. The old wing is gracious Spanish architecture; the new wing is sleek and clean. But somehow the two work nicely together. I do have photos that I will put up; don't have my MacLap with me.

The Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors show is really sensational. The museum hands out audio programs ~ free ~ that are very well done. My only complaint is that it was so crowded it was difficult to move from one exhibit to another. It was a blue-haired crowd ~ 11 AM on a Wednesday ~ which added to the molasses quality of viewer movement. For me, however, it was well worth the crush and the pace. What a remarkable find it was, back in 1974.

We went to lunch, came home, took naps, and are now getting ready to go out to dinner at my favorite spot, Cafe La Strada on 2nd Street. Best Shrimp Scampi anywhere. Tomorrow it's off to Glen Ivy (not Glen Eden as previously noted), for major indulgences.


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