Wednesday, July 16, 2008

O beautiful, for spacious skies

Greetings from Twin Falls, ID. We got on the road at 6:10 AM this morning. Ten hours and 600 miles later we arrived here. Roads are good all the way, speed limits fast. In fact, so fast that the Patient got reminded by one of Idaho's finest who pulled us over for doing 73 in a 65 mile zone. Only the interstates are 75 MPH. No ticket issued; "verbal warning" is what he said.

It is a beautiful drive, with vast open spaces beyond Reno. There was still a dusting of snow at high elevations. But there was also smoke in the air from the California foothills to Winnamucca, NV. Very poor air quality. What strikes me is how empty it is; no houses, no fences, nothing but occasional steers wandering through the brush. Idaho has vast tracts of agricultural land with RainbirdsĀ® keeping everything green.

When we travel, the Patient does take me to the very best spots for lunch. This one did not sport the same warning signs as our usual stop in Arizona. Much more genteel.

After a picnic of egg salad sandwiches, tomato soup, pineapple and pita chips, it was back on the road. We arrived here at what we thought was 4 PM but was actually 5 PM, given the time change.

Tomorrow it's on to Bozeman. We'll drive north to Butte and then east to Bozeman. This route will save us going through the Gallatin gorge; usually very slow traffic. We'll take that beautiful route home. Now it's time to decide what tasty place we'll go for dinner.


At 3:28 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Oh, good, we all get to travel with you ~ have fun!


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