Monday, September 22, 2008

listen to your teacher

It is reported in this morning's New York Times that the McCain campaign is dispatching the VP pick to New York for a meeting with Henry Kissinger ~ aka Henry the K ~ to beef up her "foreign policy" experience. She will also "speak with" Presidents Uribe of Colombia, Kazar of Afghanistan and others. These meetings should do wonders for her resumé and lay to rest any doubts voters may have about her familiarity with foreign affairs. So listen up, Sarah, and take notes; there will be an oral exam on October 2.

Last night's interviews on 60 Minutes with the two presidential candidates yielded one interesting tidbit only; Joe Biden has been interviewed 87 times since his being named to the Democratic ticket. When McCain was asked about Palin's measley 2 appearances, he dropped his voice (and his eyes) and muttered something about "soon, when she's ready." It's this "ready" thing again. See above paragraph.

Welcome to Autumn.


At 12:45 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

I heard about this "soon" interview with McBush ~ I hope THEY take off the kid gloves before the VP debate.
The tree is lovely and I enjoyed reading about your past week in the previous post.


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