Friday, October 03, 2008


I knew what we were in for when I saw the governor emerge from her plane carrying the new baby. She'd been to the State University of Rove where she learned well the lesson that it's all about appearances.

As for the debate itself, it was so polite and civilized that it verged on boring. The governor had learned her lines well at SUR and delivered them with (too) bright assurance. She seemed to understand what she was talking about. It was too pat and insubstantial. The senator already knew what he was talking about and spoke with the underpinnings of experience and reflection. Her debate persona has been characterized as lively, I would call it shallow; his has been characterized as serious, I would call it knowledgeable. There was little give-and-take between them; it was more a series of forgettable one-liners. She stumbled once or twice; he overstated once or twice. She was expected to bomb; she didn't. He was expected to rant; he didn't. Both smiled but neither sighed or rolled the eyes. The WSJ loved her; the NYT didn't; the Washington Post called it a draw. No surprises. She may have disappointed and/or alienated the fundamentalist base when she agreed with Biden on rights for gays and lesbians. That may have cost her some of the base's support; it didn't cost him anything. Palin was a bit too coquettish for my taste in a vice president - too much eye-batting and winking (or is that a nervous tic?). Biden was statesman enough to overlook such silliness in an adversary. It was the triumph of form over substance.

My ideas about her have not changed. My advice: it's back to Alaska, keep your eye on Russia and polish up your maverick status. (If you and McCain are really such mavericks you wouldn't have to remind us about it quite so often.) Subscribe to a newspaper, any newspaper, and read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the content of the country you want to lead. Perhaps in 8 years we can talk again. And by then, please learn to speak without dropping your "ing"s. I'm f**k'n sick of listen'n to it!

This from the Daily Kos It's the best description I've read.

". . . I had the uneasy feeling throughout that I was witnessing a data dump from a very appealing droid. The Palindrone. Pull the string and out comes the canned reply. Don't interrupt or she'll lose her place."


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