Saturday, March 07, 2009

carsten's garden

While the Patient was in the library, I went across the street to take photo's of a garden belonging to one of the original owners of our house. He has built a new house a few blocks away. He is still living in cold, cold Canada but is worried about his garden. It's doing nicely, except for a couple of things that have been over-watered by the caretaker. This bloom is from the same type of vine we planted in our yard, but ours was dined out upon by the iguanas. Perhaps we'll try again.

The opera was wonderful, although I'm not a big fan of Patricia Racette, who sang Cio-Cio San. But the music is sublime. Next week's opera is "Rusalka" with Renée Flemming. This time the tenor is the loser.

All you nortes go on Daylight Savings Time tonight ~ OK, tomorrow morning at 2 AM, if you're up. Don't forget to spring ahead. We will not go on DST for another month.


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