Friday, March 27, 2009

in my own front yard

The wisteria at home (US version) has burst into bloom and, once again, I am not there as a witness. But thanks to my neighbor, at least I can see it through the magic of photographs. We planted these vines in 1990 when we had the house remodeled and an overhang built outside our bedroom. There are actually two vines of differing colors; this is the violet shade; the other is more blue. When they're both in bloom and twined together it's quite dazzling.

Latest read: "The Looming Towers: Al Quada and the Road to 9/11" by Lawrence Wright. One might think ~ correctly ~ that this is not a fun beach read. But absolutely riveting. I am a big fan of Wright's, anyway. He is a writer for the New Yorker and I make sure to read everything by him. The background is fascinating, but it's like watching a movie when you've read the book. You already know what's going to happen and it isn't going to be any better this time.

Time to get ready for dinner at Dago's. Tomorrow's Met presentation is Das Reingold, the first of the four Ring Cycle operas. I may be busy.


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