Monday, April 23, 2007

night lights in Cuyutl√°n

The evening was so lovely and still that I was able to light all our candles outside. I have many of these semi-hurricane lamps around the perimeter of the 2nd floor balconies. They look very pretty from the street or even from down on the malecon. I bought these glass cylinders at a glass shop in Tonela, a fabulous shopping mecca outside Tlaquepaque, a suburb of Guadalajara. I filled the bottoms with sand and rocks and planted a candle. As long as the wind is low they work fine. Otherwise, forget it.

We also lit up the sun face in the front garden; he does look a bit sinister in this photo, but actually he's quite the charmer. The garden is quite small so the light gives a lovely glow to the whole area. I bought him in Tonela, too, and the Patient had the bright idea of stringing a light behind him to light up his smiling face.

Tomorrow is once again tiangues, probably the last one I will got to this season. Last chance for mangoes, avocadoes (that are affordable!), the juice oranges. I will also try to pick up my erstwhile check cashing card. We'll see.

The Patient had a good day today, none the worse for wear for his exciting dinner out!


At 7:06 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

so beautiful, and of course the pink flamingos add a touch of whimsy...


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