Saturday, July 07, 2007

dahling, you look mah - va - lous . . .

Photo by Steven Bullock

Contrary to what you might think, this not the latest fashion craze from Paris or Milan. These are Great Horned owlets, bundled against the cold in their baby feather parkas. Our neighbors recently returned from a birding expedition to Gambell on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea. They brought back some gorgeous photos, one of which is this one. These fellows look warm and toasty, just on the verge of wisdom. According to the trip notes they were nesting in a tree, being watched over by a parent close by. Love their outfits.

We take off for Bozeman tomorrow morning for a few days with Cait and Mike. Photos? Of course. It will be a relief to get out of this hot valley. Actually things are much cooler here thanks to both the Delta breezes and the marine layer that has moved into the Bay Area. Cait reported that it was so hot in Bozeman yesterday pilots could not fly until the temperature dropped one degree. As we prepare to go they are expecting thundershowers. I'll do my best to keep you informed of the goings on in that part of the world. Early to bed; we have to leave at 4 AM for a 6 AM flight; it takes about two hours to get through all the hoops before even nearing the plane.


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