Thursday, June 28, 2007


That is the question. I heard about registering my cell phone with the DO NOT CALL service, the one we all (I hope) signed up for three years ago to have your land line removed from lists used by telemarketers. Now, apparently, you can do the same for your cell lines. I passed this on because some months ago a friend mentioned that she had received calls on her cell and she had to pay for them. Then a second person mentioned that she, too, had been pestered. There is, apparently, a debunking of this caution. But I did it anyway. I may be the first (and only) to do it, but at least I won't get the calls if/when cell numbers are released to telemarketers.

It always amazes me to take a trip to CostCo. I get in line with my chicken breasts, bulk paper napkins and big box of cereal. In front and behind are people with enough goods to last me three years in two different households. It still has the cheapest gas around; almost Mexican prices.

The houses of the Augustines, the Julians and the Caesars continue to be a warring group of vipers' nests. Robert Graves is doing a masterful job of telling this bloody tale of intrigue, corruption and ambition.


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