Monday, June 25, 2007

wheel-spinning on Monday

This morning we packed up Vincent (the van) and took off for Jackson to shop at Ceramic Tile of Jackson. This is a most unlikely emporium to find in the Gold Country. They have a spectacular selection of Mexican tiles. I took my box of tiles (to match), charts, graphs, my camera (to take snaps of what they have in case I want to match), my Mexican tile books, measuring tape, and graph paper. Jackson is about 50 miles from here, through gorgeous rolling foothills. The grasses have all turned golden with old oaks scattered about. We found the place - after a couple of false turns - only to find it is CLOSED on Monday. Like French restaurants, non? After a quick drive-thru of downtown Jackson we came back home. By the way, if you are thinking of taking a trip to Jackson, go during the week; the town was ours. Not a visitor to be seen. We'll try again either later this week or next. No, not next. We're zipping off to Bozeman for a three-day visit with Caitlin. But soon.

Real life ~ as opposed to the fantasy life described above ~ intruded when I got a call from my brother-in-law telling me that my sister is in the ICU (again). Chest pains. I'll know more tomorrow after they run a battery of tests. She may have to have an angioplasty on her left leg to break up what they think is a blockage preventing good circulation to her leg and foot.

Reading: I finished The Map of the World and am about a third of the way through Robert Graves' I Claudius. You always know when you are in the hands of a truly great writer. He's one.


At 7:57 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

I trust your parasite is history? Yesterday I bought "Disturbances in the Field" and started reading and loving it on the BART trip home. Of course I have a few other books going, so I need to put it aside until I can give it my complete attention. Keep us posted about your sis! And we are always heading to places that are closed for odd reasons, so I chuckled at your Jackson adventure.


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