Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday in the Valley

I "talked" to Ruby this morning via Skype. She thought I was my sister, her Granny. She couldn't figure out who the person on the video screen really was. But we'll keep it up for the time they are here and perhaps she'll figure it out. She is extraordinarily verbal; she has something to say about everything! Her parents were taking her to the San Diego Animal Park this morning; she mimicked the sounds of all the ferocious animals she was going to see.

The Farmers' Market was loaded with gorgeous fruit ~ nectarines, Babcock peaches, Freestone peaches, plums, berries of all sorts. And bunches of beautiful flowers. I bought a hanging basket of impatiens for my back garden. I have a birch tree that has some perfectly placed branches that are very hospitable to such decorative plants. Veggies that have now made their appearance include Japanese eggplant, okra, all varieties of summer squash, tiny bok choy, Chinese long beans, beautiful onions, and, of course, corn. But overall the whole Market is pervaded by the scent of basil.

Ah, summer.


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