Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday at the Movies

Because of my delicate condition ~ battling an intestinal parasite (parĂ¡sito intestinal, thank you very much!) ~ I stayed home and watched movies. First was Spellbound ~ not the Hitchcock version, the spelling bee one. Terrific. Winning word: logorreah. Yes, I did know how to spell it. But I try not to use it too often.

Then I watched Sunday, Bloody Sunday, with Glenda Jackson and Peter Finch. I remember this from 30 +/- years ago. It has held up well. I would characterize it as "restrained." I would hate to see what might be done to this delicate story should Hollywood get it's feverish hands on it.

Late breaking news: Mike Nifong, ill-considered DA of Durham County, NC has been disbarred by the NC Bar for his utterly frivolous and unethical prosecution of the Duke Lacrosse players. Perhaps he and Roy Pearson can get something going together. Dare I suggest they open a sporting goods-cum-dry cleaning establishment?


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