Saturday, June 09, 2007

You go girl!

I hope everyone saw the Belmont Stakes this afternoon. A gorgeous filly, Rags to Riches, beat all those pushy foals to win the race. She looked back after winning, gave those boys the horse's stare: "Take that, big boys!" First time in over a century -- 1905 -- for a filly.Yeaaaah!

The big shopping expedition yielded one (1!!) pair of Levi 501's. Who ever heard of gearing up for a shopping spree and buying just one of anything? Unless, of course, it's a Georgio Armani ball gown or a Lamborghini. But nothing else fit properly. The Patient's frame still needs about 20 more pounds before he sinks any of his hard currency into his wardrobe. Perhaps before the Italy trip he'll splurge and buy another pair of jeans.

We then took a quick trip out to the Mexican supermarket for a look around and to buy some Manila Mangoes (the very best type - 3 for 99ยข), some Mexican dulces for tomorrow's breakfast, and the big raspadas, like a thin, crispy tortilla but half-again as big. These are perfect for tostadas.

Along with the sourdough waffles, tapioca pudding, corn bread, coffee cake, pasta and rice, Captain Carb has requested pizza. Tonight's menu is pizza, tapioca pudding and biscotti. A really good menu for a diabetic. If it puts weight on him, who am I to fall back in a swoon and cry, "Enough!"


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