Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And then he was gone . . .

This is a picture of one of the world's truly great mothers and her son, a mother who listens closely to her children, talks to them as if they were rational human beings (most of the time), who has their health and welfare as her primary interest, and who has a whopping good sense of humor about being a mom. I have always been impressed at her methods, amazed at her talents and gifts, and awed at the results. She has managed to raise two charming and civilized children while still remaining their "friend." This photo was taken at the Senior Banquet on Friday night. Alex spent the evening talking to Andrew, giving him a mom's last minute attention, committing his face to her memory, hearing his every word as though he is about to disappear. Indeed, he is. He is now off to college. Whatever hasn't been taught will remain elusive. But he has been a good student and has been well taught by his mother. He has learned the lessons of gentleness, civility and grace. He goes well educated.


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