Friday, May 25, 2007

and for dessert . . .

Our neighbor's daughter leaves on Saturday to begin post-bac study in nursing at Simmons College in Boston. Tonight is a send-off dinner party to which I volunteered to bring dessert. What could be better than Strawberry Shortcake! I am using the recipe I found at Pinch My Salt. It's great virtue is the pinch of cinnamon I added; give the shortcake a lovely little spicy taste.

In preparation for this undertaking I went to the Wednesday Farmers' Market to buy my berries. Half a flat ~ there will be 12 of us. These berries are, unfortunately, the gigantic clone-berries, so called by me because they all look exactly alike. Although they can be very dry and cotton-like these are actually quite good; firm, juicy, flavorful. And only $9! While looking over the larder for the ingredients I noticed we were out of butter and the pint of heavy cream purchased for this very purpose had been opened and about half was gone. Captain Carb (aka The Patient) had struck again! This time he had made yet another cherry clafoutis, using the custard recipe instead of the cake style. Much better.

Today is the birthday of our youngest daughter, Caitlin. She of Bozeman, MT and the Delta employee that gives us free flight privileges. She has reached that milestone of 40 years. Happy Birthday Caitlin.

PS: I would have pictures of the dessert effort except as I was preparing all of the ingredients the camera's battery went blank. I'll see what I can resurrect tomorrow from the left-overs.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

40? How could that be? She was 8 only a few months ago. Yes, we need a photo of the dessert!

At 11:09 PM, Blogger The Seven Week War said...

I will make another batch and do the photo thing. But I haven't seen your jacket photo yet, have I??


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