Sunday, May 20, 2007

A boy and his carbohydrates

Have you noticed that The Patient is concentrating on his carbs? When he decides that something seems appealing, what is it? Something with lots of sugar, cream, eggs and butter. Or something sourdough. Tapioca pudding, chocolate pudding, ice cream, pasta, coffee cake. We went to CostCo today and while I filled the cart with greens and peppers and stir-fry veggies, what did he wanted? Biscotti. Thinking about dinner, what did he want? Tamales. But none of these fat carbs seem to be sticking to his ribs. Perhaps he hasn't had enough.

On that note, remember Fenton's Creamery, that Bay Area destination for ice cream? It has now opened up in Vacaville in something called the Nut Tree Market. Remember the old Nut Tree, on I-80, half way between San Francisco and the slopes of Tahoe? It's where weary and hungry skiers used to stop and eat, get gas, relax. The Nut Tree is no more. It closed several years ago and its fate was argued over for years. It's across the freeway from the outlets. Its original site is now filled with big box stores and this trendy "market" scene. The original Fenton's, on Piedmont Avenue, was one of our favorite places to go for treats. The Patient read about this new one and nothing would do but we must pack up the ice chest and head for Vacaville. They still carry our two favorite flavors, Peppermint and Swiss Milk Chocolate, and they will have their divine Peach in July. Unfortunately no Lemon Curd. We bought one pint of each, paid the ransom they demanded, and are eagerly looking forward to a trip down memory lane.


At 9:21 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

How smart of you to bring the ice chest! Of course I remember the Nut Tree and we all stopped there for bad, overpriced coffee and food, but mainly for the bathrooms. The Bay Area has 2 great ice cream shoppes: Fenton's and Mitchell's ~ your purchases should help you both gain weight, at least I hope so.


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