Sunday, May 06, 2007

a quickie from Gila Bend

The trip so far has been completely uneventful. Easy, fast, safe. What more can you ask. Crossed the border this morning at about 11 AM, arrived at our favorite motel in Gila Bend about 2:45. This place has everything: WiFi, a fridge, a satellite TV that gets about 200 channels. Where to begin! I have taken pix along the way and will put them up later.

On the road outside of Hermasillo, a chap in a small pick-up truck with his horse standing up in the back, sun warming his shiny rump, mane and tail flowing in the wind, ears back, head up, eyes closed, lips parted in a smile. I can only hope he was on his way to/from some stud duties, not bound for the glue factory.

Do horses smile? I did.

Tomorrow to San Diego.


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