Thursday, April 26, 2007

Next year we won't go there

Breakfast/brunch was disappointing this morning at one of the restaurants around the central jardin in Colima. We'll try another next year. But everything else was perfect. Marie did the shopping she wanted, I did the shopping I wanted (more oilcloth, although Guadalajara is the oilcloth capital of the world, and some fabric for equipal cushions). We headed home about 2 PM when all the shops close for comida.

I commend to your reading an article in the February 19/26, 2007 issue of The New Yorker, "The Castaways" by Mark Singer, about three remarkable Mexican fisherman from San Blas who survived adrift in a fishing boat for 8 months. They were finally rescued near the Marshall Islands more than 5,000 miles from where they started. Their ingenuity, fortitude, blind luck and faith are a lesson to us all.

This evening we had a beautiful show in the sky, another of those "pray for peace" sunsets.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Lovely sunset! I did read that NYer piece and I could not put it down ~ great recommendation...


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