Wednesday, April 25, 2007

three out of four ain't bad

If you have a list of chores to do that involve paperwork, appointment times or "wrapping up" a problem, and you can complete three out of the four chores, you have won big! The only thing we didn't get done was get my hair cut. I arrived at 10:15 this morning, waited about 40 minutes for someone to open the shop, but finally gave up and moved on to the next thing on the list. We did get the trust paid, we did stop to look at ceramic tiles, and I did get money out of the wall. I'll try the haircut again on Friday.

I am trying to find ceramic tiles that will be the same colors as the Mexican clay (barro)tiles. I have been told by folks who have recently done (or re-done) kitchens that the ceramics are better for counter tops. They last longer, the finish won't "crackle", and if there is any small chip, they won't get waterlogged and disintegrate. I will talk to Jaime (the contractor) before I go home to set the record straight. I know I have to choose ceramic for the shower with the Mexican barros as a border and accent. But I was hoping to use barro tiles throughout the kitchen. Back to the drawing board.

Tonight was my last domino game for the season. There will be another one next Wednesday, but since we will be taking off early the next morning I will probably turn in early instead of stay up for a cut-throat game.

Tomorrow Marie and I are making our annual trek to Colima for a girls' day out. Breakfast on the square, shopping, smart late lunch somewhere. Always a great day.


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