Tuesday, April 24, 2007

and me without my camera . . .

At yesterday's tiangues there was a perfectly charming sight. An elderly Mexican gentleman riding a burro came clip-clopping through he market, baskets slung across his patient animal. He surveyed the goods, decided there were too many people to make it through the crowd, so turned around and left. The burro, not a very big specimen, stepped daintily across the median strip on its spindly legs and off they went. It was definitely a Kodak moment and I missed it. Maybe next week. I will go back just to see if he is there. It's a sight you shouldn't miss.

Today we began our serious packing up. The books are now boxed and stored. Likewise the tapes and CDs. And my fabulous new plates have all been put back in the box they came in to await grand festivities next season. Next will go all the pictures, candles, gee-gaws and gimcracks we have scattered about the house. Our revels have just about ended.

While Chouy gave the house the once over this morning I watched "An Inconvenient Truth." I had missed it when it was in Davis but got my hands on a DVD down here. Very thought provoking. He has taken a great deal of heat for his point of view and for this movie, including a series of rebuttals found here. If you should be interested. I'm glad I saw it; I think his arguments are compelling. What I didn't like were the rather maudlin references to both his son's accident (he could have explained his "life changing moment" without the tugs at the heartstrings) and his sister's death from lung cancer (likewise, the "Ah-ha!" realization of cigarettes and cancer could have been less of a pie-in-the-face moment.) But given all of that, it's still a must-see, even if you are not a true believer. I wonder where we would be now if only . . .

I was saddened to hear of David Halberstam's death yesterday. I used to read his dispatches from Viet Nam avidly, and his book "The Fifties" is wonderful. RIP Mr. Halberstam.

Tomorrow we make our last trip to Tecoman to (a) get money for the trip home; (b) pay the trust on the house property; we did the undeveloped lot and wasn't that a run-around but we think this one will be easier (?); (c) visit the tile emporium to look again at bathroom wall tiles; and (d) visit the peluqueria so I can get my hair cut before we head home. That will be $3, please.


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