Monday, April 30, 2007

spring shearing

I finally made it to the pelucaria when it was both open and doing hair cutting. I looked in for the woman whose head looks like it's on fire but she was not there. Actually, she was there but her flaming hair was not. She had changed the color of her hair from vivid orange to a more subdued mahogany. Ten minutes, busy work with a straight razor and 50 pesos (including tip) later, I am several pounds lighter and a whole lot tidier.

Speaking of hair, the Patient's hair, lost during radiation and chemo, is just about all grown back. It has come back quite dark and very curly. He has always had slightly wavy hair, but this is downright kinky. He has a charming little up-turned duck tail at the back of his head. For a person such as myself who is cursed with the world's straightest hair, it's all I can do to keep my hands to myself and not touch his head constantly. In profile, it's the cutest little haircut imaginable! The treatments have left me with a gravel-voiced, curly-haired matinee idol. Youza!

Tonight is our last night for this season in our bungalow by the beach. We will move across the street to La Casa de Jack for two nights. It makes closing up this place much easier if we're not here. We now have two full days to get everything put away for seven months. And what so hard is the weather, which had been downright chilly, has been Cuyutl√°n perfect for about ten days. Tonight we ate dinner out on the terrazzo; no wind, warm and lovely, the sea sparkling out in the distance. This beautiful weather makes it even harder to leave.


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