Wednesday, May 02, 2007

our revels now are ended

It makes me sad to say it but we are all packed up, the furniture is draped (a la Brideshead, although not quite as grand), so I guess that means we're leaving. The car is all washed -- no more salt and dust -- the tank is full to get us as far as Tepic. I said good-bye to friends at dominoes last night; the Patient is making his farewell rounds as I write this. Fernando came this morning and helped the Patient move the heavy stuff down from the third floor, got his gardening chores straightened out (of all the things he is, a gardener is not one of them). I expect him back shortly with his tall ladder and we will go around the corner to the Nelson's and disconnect the WiFi set. It's tucked way up under the eaves of his palapa. I have to take pictues of the set-up so I can recreate it next season when I return. Then I'll come back here and undo our set-up, also tucked up into our palapa. As of then I will be an untethered traveler until I reach San Diego next Monday. The phone bill arrived by motorcycle this morning and it has been paid. I've taken my last swim, had my last luncheon avocado and beer, and this will be my last blog filing. The last things are to close up all the windows, lock the doors, and we're gone.

There is no way I can estimate the beneficial effects these two months have brought to the Patient. Everything -- sleep, wakefulness, color, spirit, energy, appetite, appearance (including curly hair) has been vastly improved. He naps only occasionally, and that's a given while we're here. He is down to one or two cans of supplement a day from five or six. We even had a bit of a social life with a couple of out-to-dinners, a sit-down party and one very special puesta del sol evening out in the colonia. All in all it has been "just what the doctor ordered". It has been everything I had hoped it would be and has brought the healing he so badly needed. The next round of appointments and tests should tell the final story. More candles, more good vibes, more prayers, please.

Adios amigos y hasta San Diego!


At 6:42 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Such a beautiful post, thank you and check in as soon as possible.


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